We've built a large network of energetic and enthusiastic Promotional staff. Our team has unrivalled passion for creating a buzz around your brand. We work with all sizes of client from National brands to local businesses to promote your message. We also work with marketing agencies on a white label basis. Whether you need staff for a single event or for complex, multiple location promotions, we can help.

Active Selling

Active selling is most effective for new products that people may not be aware of – a new service your company offers, a new invention, or a new website that’s just been released

Our team have been trained by the best and will help your customers make informed decision about your new product.

The Active team follow these basic steps to help your prospective new customers. 

  • A. An ALERT sales person accomplishes the given assignments ACTIVELY
  • C. The mind of an active sales person thinks of the word ‘CAN’. Positive thinking Can produce result. CREDIBILITY of the sales person
  • T.Active sales person TAKES quick decision. They TALKS like a leader and acts like a TIGER.
  • I. Applies his mind INTELLIGENTLY
  • V. They VISITS as many prospects/ customers as possible
  • E.. Works ENTHUSIASTICALLY and produces results


promotional team

Promotional Crew

Whatever type of event you are organising; Party, Conference or Festival then your Promotional Staff will be key to your events success

You`ll want professional people who know how to put on a good show and you`ll want them to come across as friendly, polite and eager to provide a great service. Remember, the Promotional Staff you employ will be directly responsible for the product presentation and they`ll be directly in the firing line of your potential customers. Therefore, the Promotional Staff you use will be crucial to your brand`s marketing so finding staff that can complement your product will be essential and that is where our expertise comes in

With a wealth of face-to-face marketing experience behind them our hand-picked bank of promotional staff can provide the experience required to ensure your brand is marketed to perfection.


Sampling / Demonstrating

Product sampling creates high impact awareness for your product; this can be done with any type of product.

Product sampling has a proven history of taking the risk out of buying a product for first time users, therefore encouraging them to purchase that product or service. sampling staff put your product in the hands and minds of potential customers; sampling staff guarantee that your product is directed into the hands of your specific target audience.

By choosing the right sampling staff you can enhance the interaction with your potential customers. In addition, sampling staff can radiate your brand identity and improve the brand awareness. Upton Clue Promotions can assist in choosing the most suitable sampling staff for any campaign or project. Samples can be distributed by your chosen sampling staff in many locations including, Shops, Town Centres, Night Clubs, Events and many more.



Our team will guide you through the process of every project. Let us know your requirements and we will do the work for you, updating you on a regular basis. 

      Concept – Research – Production – Delivery 

With our four simple steps we can provide our clients with quality products at right price.

 Services we offer: 

  • Graphic Design
  • Research / Development
  • Flyering / Distribution
  • Royalty free images

    Some of the products we can supply include:

  • Flyers
  • Poster
  • Banners
  • Billboard
  • Stationary
  • T-shirts
  • Jackets
  • Hoodies
  • Baseball Caps
  • Pens
  • Mugs
  • Lanyard
  • Bottled Water